Edenarc 1800

Savoie, France


Paradiski is one of the most popular ski areas amid the summits of the French Alps. Edenarc 1800 (the number refers to its altitude) is a multiphase project with panoramic views of Mont Blanc and the Haute Tarentaise Valley.

We conquered the steep mountain slope as well as incorporating sweeping vistas of snow-capped peaks. Out of this unforgiving landscape, we developed a unique investment opportunity (at a time of extreme market and financial volatility) that combines prime real estate and four-season, all-generations, recreational leisure. The project includes: ski-in/ski-out access, an 18-hole golf course, an 800 square metre indoor/outdoor Aquatic Center, restaurants, a conference space and retail outlets.

Dundee 360 is deeply involved in all aspects or the project’s lifecycle, including: Envisioning, Master Planning, Real Estate Development, strategic unit mix and phasing, service and retail integration, Construction Management, as well as Sales and Marketing.

Our role

Development management
Marketing management
Project management
Sales management
  1. Master Planning of the Destination including a hotel, a variety of residential units, commercial components and resort amenities.
  2. Negotiations and acquisition of development rights and construction permits with the local Authorities.
  3. Development Management, Construction Management and structuring of the operational model for the hotel, residential and commercial components (since 2011).
  4. Sales and Marketing of the Destination and of the residential and commercial real estate assets.


28,000 square metres
28,000 square metres of programmed spaces
Ski-in/ski-out access
18 hole
18-hole golf course
800 square metre
800 square metre indoor/outdoor aquatic centre
Restaurants, conference and shopping area
Phase 1 and 2
132 apartments of Les Souverains luxury residences
Phase 3
48 apartment-hotel units
Phase 4, 5 and 6
138 apartments
Phase 7
5 grand chalets & 16 medium-size chalets